Marketing & PR

Structured research - We undertake research across a range of sectors using robust methods and tools.


Range of methods adopted - desk research, focus groups, surveys (paper and online)




Afkar delivers a robust market research proposition by bringing together innovative market sector specialists with a growing client base and an experienced market research firm with the capacity to deliver:

A significant growth in consumer products aimed at the Muslim market

- Halal Foods (stocked in leading supermarkets)
- Shariah Compliant Financial Products (distributed by High Street Banks)

Ongoing consumer market research is required to target marketing effort in a sensitive and appropriate manner through a range of media

- Public awareness campaigns from the public sector is becoming a feature of the market


the profile of the Muslim community has increased over the years and their views are being actively sought in driving public policy

- Political parties are concerned about evaluating the Muslim voting bloc and government departments are seeking out views on which to formulate public policy at local and national level.


Media planning / buying - We offer advice about profile/ penetration of the Muslim / Ethnic Minority media to support media buying

Profiling on Muslim / Ethnic Minority media for

- advertising
- Print
- Online
- Radio & TV

Direct mail

- Unique name search on electoral register
- Third party mailing lists

Editorial placement in key publications

Identify community based and second line publications that reach target audience.


Advise on media buying or undertake as required liaison with client advertising.


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