Marketing & PR

There are 4 primary population bases where the majority of UK's 1.6 million Muslim reside: West Yorkshire, Lancashire, West Midlands and London.

Muslims are the youngest faith community and over half are under the age of 25.

The UK Muslim Food Market alone is valued at £2.8 billion (Ethnic Focus).

There are 5,000 British Muslim millionaires with total liquid assets in excess of £3.6 Billion (Datamonitor).

With ethnic minority groups boasting a collective consumer market of up to £38 billion.

The Muslim and Asian market is a complex heterogeneous community made of different strands. Through our experience and knoweldge of the Muslim market we are able to offer clients research driven approach to marketing & PR.

Targeted Marketing

Customer Needs Analysis

Consumer Satisfaction Surveys

Advise on media buying or undertake as required.

Direct mailing to UK Muslim community

Advice on profile, penetration of the Muslim, Ethnic Minority  

Afkar Consulting is a specialist agency who work with existing agencies to provide knowledge and support to deliver client objectives.

We advise on media buying or undertake as required - liaison with client advertising.


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